The Intimate Guitar, Vol. 1

The Intimate Guitar, Vol. 1(a/k/a RECITAL INTIMO)

Instrument: Guitar -
Liner notes:
Label: Westminster

Fonomusic 89.2355/7 / Intercord 29730 K, INT 160808 / RCA ARL 1-0864
Recorded in Estudios Audiofilm, Madrid December 1973.
Weiss: Bourrée
Benda: Sonatinas D, d
Bach: Suite BWV 1007: Prelude
Bach: Suite BWV 1007: Sarabande
Bach: Suite BWV 1007: Minuet I-II
Scarlatti: Two Sonatas
Sor: Andante C
Sor: Sonata op. 25: Minuet
Sor: Minuet A
Sor: Minuet C
Asencio: Dipso
Ponce: Prelude in E "Weiss"