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* The three pieces attributed to Sylvius Leopold Weiss (Prelude, Ballet and Gigue) on the original album release in 1952, were actually composed by the Mexican composer, Manuel Ponce. While Segovia did ask Ponce to compose at least two suites that he intended to misrepresent as compositions from Baroque lute composers (Sylvius Leopold Weiss and Alessandro Scarlatti), the three compositions on this LP release were not written by Ponce as a suite. The "Gigue" did belong to Ponce's "Suite in A minor" but the "Prelude" and the "Balleto" were both solo compositions by Ponce in the Baroque style. Segovia placed the "Prelude, Balleto and Gigue" together on the album as to imply that they were from the same suite. While the label on the vinyl does not mention that they are part of a suite, the liner notes by Martin Diller on the back of the album states that they are from Weiss' "Suite for Lute", presumably written under Segovia's direction.  Segovia did record all 5 movements from Ponce's "Suite in A" in 1930 for the HMV label, the "I. Prelude, II. Allamande, III. Sarabande, IV. Gavotte, V. Gigue".

An Andrés Segovia Recital

Recorded: 1952

  • March - side 1,  selection 2-4, 7; side 2, selection 2
  • April - side 2, selections 1, 3-6
  • unknown month - side 1, selections 1, 5-6

Location: New York, NY, USA (all selections)
Instrument: Guitar - Hermann Hauser I (1937)

Album cover artwork: Erik Nitsche
Liner notes: Martin Diller
Label: Decca
Released: 1952

Side 1

  • Alonso de Mudarra: Romanesca NY 1952
  • Sylvius Leopold Weiss (Manuel Ponce*): Prelude NY  March 1952
  • Sylvius Leopold Weiss (Manuel Ponce*): Ballet NY     March 1952
  • Sylvius Leopold Weiss (Manuel Ponce*): Gigue NY   March 1952
  • Johann Sebastian Bach: Suite for Violoncello No. 1 in G Major (BWV 1007) - Prelude NY 1952
  • Johann Sebastian Bach: Suite for Violoncello No. 6 in D Major (BWV 1012) - Gavotte I and II NY 1952
  • Fernando Sor: Grande Sonate in C Major, Op. 25: II. Allegro non troppo NY March 1952

Side 2

  • Felix Mendelssohn: Lieder ohne Worte (Songs without Words, Book 1): Op. 19, No. 6 (April 1952) NY April 1952
  • Franz Schubert: Piano Sonata No. 18 in G major D 894: Minuet (March 1952) NY March 1952
  • Federico Moreno Tórroba: Sonatina in A Major - I. Allegretto (NY April 1952 all 3)
  • Federico Moreno Tórroba: Sonatina in A Major - II. Andante
  • Federico Moreno Tórroba: Sonatina in A Major - III. Allegro
  • Isaac Albéniz: Suite Espanola op. 47: Leyenda (April 1952) NY April 1952

Andrés Segovia trancriptions/arrangement:

  • Side 1 - Selections 1, 5, 6
  • Side 2 - Selections 1, 6

Francisco Tárrega trancriptions/arrangement:

  • Side 2 - Selections 2


Decca DL 9633, US, Canada 1952

Brunswick AXTL 1005, UK 1952

Decca DL 138 Spain 1962

Decca 012.084 Brazil 1968

An Andrés Segovia Recital - UK cover

An Andrés Segovia Recital